Alabama Central Disbursement Division

Child Support Information

Who We Are

The Alabama Central Disbursement Division (ACDD) was established as a result of federal and state law, known as the Welfare Reform Act of 1996. This law required a single location in each state to which employers could send wage withheld child support payments to be processed.

What We Do

Non IV-D payments (or wage withheld payments processed through the clerk's office and not processed through the Department of Human Resources) will be receipted at a central location and will be disbursed by the Alabama Central Disbursement Division. Payments will be receipted one day and the payment will be electronically disbursed to the recipient the next day. Any inquiries about your child support will be handled by the ACDD. The ACDD cannot establish support or enforce child support orders. We do not have your court file in this division and cannot answer questions about your case. Please talk with your attorney if you have legal questions or refer to one of the other agencies listed at our links button. Copies of your payment history may be obtained by contacting this office or may be available in person in the clerk's office.

Alabama now offers two new ways to pay your child support. Payments may be made by using ExpertPay or MoneyGram. For more information on how to sign up and make a payment using one of these methods go to or

Mail Child Support Payments to:

Alabama Child Support Payment Center
P.O. Box 244015
Montgomery, AL 36124 - 4015