Alabama Central Disbursement Division

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Alabama Central Disbursement Division (ACDD)?

    The Alabama Central Disbursement Division is the disbursement site for non IV-D income withheld child support payments. This means your child support was awarded by a judge, you used private attorneys or represented yourself in the court case and your child support was formerly processed by the Clerk of Court. The ACDD is located at P. O. Box 4960, Montgomery, Alabama 36103-4960. Our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except legal holidays.

  • Is this the same as the Alabama Central Payment Center?

    The Alabama Central Payment Center is where all child support payments are sent. The payment center receipts all support payments that were formerly processed by the Department of Human Resources and all income withholding order payments that were formerly processed by the clerks of court.

  • Why the change?

    Both federal law, known as the Welfare Reform Act of 1996, and state law, now require a single location in each state to which employers can send wage-withheld child support payments.

  • Will my child support payments be delayed because they are processed at a central state location instead of my local clerk's office?

    The payment center is committed to receipt all child support payments the same day they are received. The receipting information is transmitted to the ACDD and your payment will be disbursed the next business day. In many instances this will be quicker than when the payments were processed by the clerk's office and payments were held in order for the employer's check to clear the bank.

  • How often will I receive my child support payment?

    The ACDD will send you a payment each time we receive a payment on your case. If the non-custodial parent's employer sends in payments once a week, the ACDD will send you a payment once a week, etc.

  • How do I check on my child support payment?

    You may look at a list of receipts on the Lookup Payment History page on our web site. If you need to talk to someone, you may call our customer service representatives at 1-877-774-9513. If your child support check was formerly issued by the Department of Human Resources or if DHR is a party in your case, they will provide your payment information.

  • How do I change my name or address?

    You can call our help desk and we will fax or mail our Information Update form to you. You can also download our Information Update form. Complete this form and mail it to our office.

  • If I am between jobs or have changed jobs and my employer doesn't have the income withholding information, can I send my child support payment to you?

    Mail Child Support Payments to:
    Alabama Child Support Payment Center
    P.O. Box 244015
    Montgomery, AL 36124-4015

    The ACDD does not receipt payments, we only issue payments after the Alabama Child Support Payment Center has sent the ACDD the payment information. If a payment of this type should be mailed to the payment center, it may be delayed if it does not contain the full 16-digit court case number, your name as it is in the court file (clearly printed) and social security number.

  • How can I stop the child support deduction?

    An income withholding order for child support payments can only be stopped by a judge's order. It depends on the circumstances in your case. The ACDD cannot make that determination for you.

  • Can the ACDD help me have my support order enforced?

    The ACDD only disburses support payments. We cannot give legal advice, contact parties regarding payments that are due nor suggest methods of collection of your child support.

  • Can the ACDD tell me how much back support is owed?

    We can provide a payment history of all payments that we have processed. We cannot figure the arrearage for you. You can call, fax or e-mail a request for a payment history and we will mail it to you.